About Us

One of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors is our belief that optimization does not have to mean replacement. We pride ourselves on finding the best control strategies and optimization options for increasing our client's productivity and profitability. Our goal at HUNCH Automation is simple: To provide our client regardless of their industry with the right tools to competitively manufacture the best products in the most cost-effective way.
Our engineered industrial products are unique solutions to the contemporary productivity and maintenance issues that plague many industries.
At HUNCH Automation, we revel in the challenge of meeting and exceeding your engineering needs. As a leader in the design and implementation of industrial process control systems, our solutions address your short and long-term requirements, enabling you to gain and hold the competitive advantage well into the future.
At, our progressive thinking, ability to foresee technology trends, and extensive knowledge of existing technologies, ensures that our clients find the optimum solution for their requirements. We assist our clients in making the transition from old to new technology without replacing their entire systems, and we inform our clients about the future implications of vendor offerings, enabling them to make choices that will facilitate present and future expansions and upgrades. We implement solutions at all functional levels on time and within budget.

Team & Experience

  • One PHD doctor, and two experienced directors in head office, experience in industrial sector more than 20-years specifically in water treatment, boilers, flow metering and power generation.
  • Four engineers in head office work with other junior staff, more than 10-year experience in application development.
  • AutoCAD system designers has extensive experience in mechanical and electrical system development.
  • A team of experienced engineers are delegated for customized application development on embedded systems and PLC to provide state of art, cost effective customized solutions for valuable customers.
  • An experienced staff in Karachi office works with other sale and service qualified staff to provide customer service. Engineers and supervisors in workshop and production unit work with other junior staff.
  • Software engineer from China and Canada are responsible to develop customized application for remote telemetry, SCADA and database.
  • Our team has extensive experience in web based remote telemetry, data acquisition and monitoring Complete ready for deployment solutions for steam gas and water flow metering, micro modulation combustion control for boilers and SCADA, remote telemetry and customized application development.


  • Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  • Federal Board of Revenue
  • Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industries
  • DHL Pakistan


  • Omni Telemetry
  • Name Retailer | Contegris
  • Delta
  • Four-Faith
  • Muesen | SENSE
  • Telenor
  • Renu Electronics | LinkVue System


  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Allied Bank
  • Meezan